• Day and evening conference sessions will be located at the CUNY Graduate Center.
  • The Pre-Conference Motivational Interviewing workshops will take place at Columbia University.
  • The Post-Conference La Jolla Program has been canceled as of 6/28/16.

For more details about the locations, please see the Transportation in NYC page.


*Conference program part A Final + part B v. 5


New workshop: Introduction to Person-Centered Expressive Arts with Dr. Sue Ann Herron on Thursday July 21st, starting at 2:00pm in the conference lobby).

No printed programs: There will be two parts of the program - parts A and B.   We will not offer free pre-printed copies of either program at the conference site.   The PDF format program will be emailed to you and it will be also available on our website for your viewing on a laptop or mobile device.  The final version of the program will be published 2 weeks before the start of the conference and will announced on this website.  A limited number of sample copies of the program will be available in the conference lobby.  Poster-size copies will be posted as well.  Print-on-demand copies of part A of the program will be available for a small fee.  We have made this decision to help save on printing expenses, to allow more content to be offered, and to save paper and make more responsible and environmentally aware choices.

Bring your own name tag: We have decided to not offer pre-printed badges at the conference. Instead we are taking a fun, creative, and egalitarian approach and asking each of you to create your own name tag and bring it with you.  Please feel free to be as creative as you wish. You can also bring a badge from a previous conference you have attended (maybe even decorate it).  Blank sticker badges will be available for those who do not wish to take part in this activity.

Tribute to Gene Gendlin:  We will be honoring Dr. Eugene Gendlin with a gift of a personalized book.  Please visit the book in the conference lobby and add your personal messages, drawings, photographs, pre-printed letters, and well wishes to Gene.  The book will be awarded on Saturday, July 23.   It is our goal to offer Gene a heartfelt book of wishes, from all of us, that he and his family can enjoy long after the conference. 

Day rate: After July 1, a conference daily rate of $180 will be available for purchase.

La Jolla Program: The post-conference La Jolla Program has been canceled as of 6/28/16.

Technology for Presenters: Conference rooms each have a maximum capacity of 40 people.  Every room has wifi, a microphone, a podium, and a 46-inch flat screen television monitor.  Please bring a laptop for yourself if you need one.  If you have a Macbook, please also bring your own adapter or dongle to connect to a VGA cable.


Motivational Interviewing Workshop with Bill Miller
July 18-19 9am-5pm
Columbia University Faculty House - 64 Morningside Drive , New York, NY 10027


Wednesday July 20, 2016
Motivational Interviewing in Groups: Theory and Practice with Chris Wagner 9am-2pm  

Conference Proceedings 4pm-9pm
CUNY Graduate Center

Thursday July 21, 2016
Conference Proceedings 9am-2pm + 4pm-9pm
CUNY Graduate Center

Friday July 22, 2016
Conference Proceedings 9am-2pm + 4pm-9pm
CUNY Graduate Center

Saturday July 23, 2016
Conference Proceedings 9am-9pm
CUNY Graduate Center

Sunday July 24, 2016
Sunday social event tickets are no longer available.  Participants will receive ferry tickets during the conference.

8:30am: Meet at Battery Park in Lower Manhattan for Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Tour.
Many ways to get there, including taxi, subway, bike.  
From Court Hotel: 22 minutes via 4 or 5 train from Grand Central Terminal to Bowling Green Subway Station
Ferries leave every 15-20 minutes

11:30am to 2:30pm: Picnic at Wagner Park North in Battery Park, a 5-minute walk from the boat dock.

Post-Conference (Canceled as of 6/28/16)

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