Carl Rogers in an Encounter Group

Carl Rogers in an Encounter Group


Fundamental to the practice of the Person-Centered Approach is a form of Group Therapy referred to as “Encounter Groups.” Encounter Groups are a special kind of group therapy where there are no "leaders," few rules, and no predetermined agenda. Our team does act as facilitators of the encounter process, but, ideally each member grows to become an equal facilitator and so our presence, over time, becomes unnoticeable. There is a long and complex history regarding encounter groups and we feel these groups are, if organized properly, the most powerful form of therapy that exists today. One of the basic components of an Encounter Group is that members share the responsibilities and privileges of leadership within the group. Although Encounter Groups may have facilitators, each group member is seen as equal to all other group members, and no person should have more power than any other should in the group.

Site Specific Person-Centered Groups

We offer a wide range of fee-based and site-specific groups and encounter groups for large and small groups such as businesses, organizations, and families. These groups can be one-time or ongoing, and are designed to meet the specific needs of the group requesting the service. Because of our organizational structure, we are able to meet the needs of many different kinds of groups who are looking for new, progressive, and sustaining ways to accomplish conflict resolution.

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