Our Team

Our Group Practice includes a diverse team of Humanistic Mental Health Professionals. Therefore we offer a multi-disciplined and integrated approach to meet the needs of our clients. Please review our team members below and review their Psychology Today profiles to determine their availability, rates, and insurance plans accepted. Contact the Director, Dr. Sarton Weinraub (212-989-6086), if you need help determining which team member would best meet your needs, or if you have any other questions.


Sarton Weinraub, Ph.D. (Psychology Today profile

I am a Rogerian person-centered psychotherapist who believes the primary goal of therapy is deep empathic listening and nonjudgmental acceptance. Along with many other professionals, I am not in favor of the “medical model” being applied to mental health treatment. As a psychotherapist, I feel it is important to avoid biases, not to impose values, and to appreciate each person as the expert on his or her life. Therefore, I strive to offer psychotherapy that promotes equality and honesty, is based upon what I see as solid scientific evidence, and consistently considers the actualizing potential of each person.

As an individual practitioner, I strive to offer my clients psychotherapy services that draw upon the actualizing capacities of each person, family, and group in order to promote positive growth and healing. Drawing upon this ideal, as Director of the New York Person-Centered Resource Center, I strive to create a welcoming, respectful, safe, and nonjudgmental space for all our clients.

Gerti Schoen, LP (Psychology Today profile)

Feelings of disconnect from self and others is one of the most prevalent issues of our time. I specialize in relationship healing, trauma and anxiety disorders which are at the heart of so much of the suffering in our culture. When you come in, you will be greeted with compassion and a search for understanding. If you are anxious and exhausted, we work to calm your mind and strengthen your confidence. If you come in as a couple, I focus on fostering harmony, intimacy and mutual understanding. I often integrate meditation and body centered exercises into the work in order to increase moment-to-moment awareness and cultivate compassion towards self and others. As a native German speaker who came to the US as an adult, I can empathize particularly with those of you who have been navigating their way through a new culture and feel uprooted. Before embarking on the journey of self discovery, I had a fulfilling career as a journalist.

Lilian Ostrovsky, LCSW (Psychology Today profile)

My aim is to provide a safe, private place where you can discuss and evaluate your concerns, while moving toward openness, greater self-trust, and an overall sense of wellbeing. In working with me, you will find that I recognize and respect your strengths as a unique individual, and help you to build on those strengths while incorporating a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques, customized to your distinctive needs. I feel fortunate to be able to say that in my many years of practice at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy, and New York Psychiatric Services, I have had overwhelming client satisfaction due to my personal style of unwavering support, infused with humor, empathic guidance, and collaboration. Thank you for stopping by to acquaint yourself with my practice and congratulations on your decision to incorporate psychotherapy into your life.

Michelle Miller, PhD, LCSW, MA, CPC (Psychology Today profile)

I have been trained in cutting edge transformational & in-depth approaches that speed up the process of healing & integration in my clients compared to traditional psychotherapy approaches. I have been featured on MTV as an expert therapist & have 5-star reviews on yelp. My Integral approach helps clients address their self-destructive patterns by getting to the core and root of their issues.The result is a reduction in and transformation of the initial presented symptoms and conditions that originally felt debilitating, dysfunctional and imprisoning. Clients are connected with their internal reference point in the unfolding of this therapeutic process.

My PhD in Transpersonal Psychology & multitude of trainings allow me to utilize an integral & in-depth approach that effectively addresses complex trauma & results in deeper psychic balance & wholeness. My dissertation is on healing C-PTSD using EMDR and transpersonal psychotherapy which have been proven to heal childhood-related traumas.

Modalities used include: EMDR, Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Advanced Breathwork Techniques, Transformational Life Coaching, Somatic Psychotherapy, Dreamwork, intuition, Shamanic Journeying, and Energy Psychology. Individual, Family, Couple & Group sessions both on-line & in-person are offered.


Edwin Kahn, Ph.D. (Psychology Today profile)

My work with clients is influenced by the well-known American Humanistic psychologist, Carl Rogers. He believed that there is a positive energy in all of us to grow, develop, and become more mature. When a person experiences unconditional acceptance and empathic understanding from another (a parent, friend or therapist), who is also experienced as genuine, human and "real," growth naturally occurs. I make every effort to be with, understand and accept, and see the positive strengths of clients. My therapeutic work has also been influenced by contemporary self psychology, intersubjectivity theory, and relational theories in psychoanalysis.

J. Patrick Howley, M.S., C.A.G.S.  Integralschoolhouse.net

My early experience at the “The La Jolla Program” at The Center for the Studies of the Person where Carl Rogers worked at the time had a deep impact on me, both professionally and personally. The person-centered approach changed my life. As a result, I don’t see myself as a traditional psychotherapist or counselor providing  “treatment”.  Rather, I like to create an environment where it is possible to be authentic in a relationship with another human being. 

Major influences in my work over the years have been Carl Rogers and Joyce and John Weir who were friends and colleagues of Rogers.  With Joyce and John I learned to talk “percept” language, meaning that I learned to discover my perceptions and give a voice to those “parts" of me.  Others who were an influence were Katherine Briggs and Isabell Myers who created the MBTI, a personality instrument (I am a certified administrator of the MBTI), and most recently Ken Wilber (Integral Meditation) and Daniel Brown (Mahamudra Meditation) whose books and my experience with them have given me a much deeper insight into meditation practice and how it integrates into my counseling approach.


Nick Helbich, Ph.D., LCSW (Psychology Today profile)

Strong therapeutic relationships can create healing and generate the ability to change. My approach is eclectic. This means I draw from a variety therapeutic approaches and apply them depending on how well the client responds. I work with a variety of symptoms including: anxiety, depression, obsessions and compulsions (OCD), relationship-, sexual- and work- related issues. I am fluent in German and French, as well as English. I love diversity and I work well with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. I look forward to hearing from you.

I am especially understanding and successful working with gay and lesbian clients (LGBTQ). I also specialize in working with clients who suffer from trauma and substance abuse issues.My purpose is to create a safe environment where clients can access and express painful and angry feelings.

My clients describe me as warm, empathic and non-judgemental.In my work I am interactive and compassionate. I help clients to think through new strategies for resolving their problems. This enables clients to develop new ways of relating to their family, friends, and to their work environment.

I facilitate a weekly meditation group that while based in the person-centered approach, integrates the Weirs approach as well as Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi and Ken Wilber.

Christine Greyson (freedomlifecoach.wordpress.com)

I am an alternative life coach with a concentration on sexuality, dating, and relationships. I believe in employing a humanistic experience, and offer a judgment free environment for my clients to express themselves. We explore safe and pragmatic ideas that promote the breaking away from social norms that might be causing feelings of sexual stifling. The main focus is to redirect the energy used to suppress feelings and issues, and spend that energy on creating positive thoughts instead. I believe in the realization and expression of one's own capabilities and creativity. Using this person-centered method in regards to sexual issues tends to give more power back to the individual, and thus creates the personal freedom that sometimes seems so hard to find. I fully respect and work diligently with clients of all backgrounds, including and specializing with those who live more alternative lifestyles. I am also a member of the LBGTQ community. 

Sandra Chamson, Ph.D. (Psychology Today profile)

My approach is PERSON-CENTERED, modeled on the belief that people have the capacity for self-understanding and correction within themselves. In a safe setting, under the guidance of a gifted listener, discovery, change and growth can more easily occur. My goal as your therapist is to create this secure and comfortable atmosphere between us.

I have been a Clinical Psychologist in private practice for twenty-five years, successfully treating individuals and couples with anxiety, depression and life change issues. PEOPLE IN THE CREATIVE ARTS & ADULT ADD clients are areas of special interest to me. Often, these two populations overlap.

My clients include established, financially successful professional and business people who feel unsatisfied with the dirth of creative expression in their lives, as well as aspiring artists in many areas who struggle to overcome the negative impact of attentional and self-esteem issues.

Elvira M. Medus, LCSW (Psychology Today Profile)
Clinician (Westchester County)

I am a Humanistic Psychotherapist trained within the Person-Centered Approach.  I am convinced people have the internal capacity to heal and grow.  However, sometimes they require certain conditions to reach their inner potential.  My work is to promote the discovery of each client's inner wisdom.  In that journey, I honor and embrace my clients’ experiences that emerge in the therapeutic process allowing them to discover their own answers and paths. Specifically, I help clients re-connect with their true selves, strengthen self-esteem, promote healthy behaviors, improve communication and develop enduring coping skills.

As a Family Therapist and a ‘Parent System” certified facilitator, I seek to strengthen families and improve communication between parents and their children through practical and useful strategies.  I promote responsible parenting while helping parents raise considerate and confident children. Specifically, I help parents learn how to set limits, teach responsibility, encourage problem solving, promote independence, and explore the power of the words we use.  

In addition, I work with Spanish speaking clients. My personal and professional experiences have offered me the capability to understand cross-culture struggles and to profoundly empathize with the adaptation process that immigrants go through.  I am a chief parenting and relationship correspondent to the Spanish Speaking channel Telemundo 47 (NBC Universal affiliate).  I have been a featured guest to over 30 TV shows at Telemundo 47.  

I have a Master in Social Work degree from Columbia University and an extensive training in the Rogerian Approach from Holos Capital, Argentina. 

Currently, I'm working in my office in Westchester, New York (Scarsdale).