Jefferson Market and 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village

Jefferson Market and 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village

We welcome clients from various racial and economic backgrounds, and are experiencing a diversity of emotional disturbances. In concurrence with our theoretical approach, Person-Centered therapists collaborate with our clients to recognize each person's unique life history. We avoid applying psychiatric labels to our clients. We do not promote any particular specialties, as this would be inconsistent with our psychotherapeutic approach and undermine our ability to recognize the unique subjective experience of each client.

Carl Rogers's core theories are simple yet profound. According to Person-Centered theory there are three core conditions that can be offered by psychotherapists seeking a deep level of growth for their clients. These conditions include: congruence, empathy, and unconditional positive regard. Additionally, there is now a fourth recognized condition known as presence. It is this experience of presence within the therapeutic environment that can allow the other three conditions to emerge.


Practicing as a Rogerian or Person-Centered psychotherapist within New York City sets us apart from other psychotherapeutic schools. Fundamental to our approach is our commitment to offer psychotherapy that promotes equality and honesty. The concept known as the actualizing tendency is a basic potential we see in each person. Consequently, it makes sense that we do not promote the “medical model” being applied to mental health treatment. Additionally, the psychiatric reform movement is a logical companion to our work. Within psychiatric reform mental health diagnosis are considered too general and often inadequate to describe the client’s experiences. Furthermore, the prevailing use of psychiatric medication is consistently questioned. To this end our approach is based upon truly evidence-based research that is not compromised by the manipulations that are rampant in our field.

Historically, Carl Rogers's theories have been criticized as too simplistic. However, as our society grows towards valuing vulnerability, the profound strength of so-called simple ideas, such as mindfulness, are increasingly valued. That said, the Person-Centered Approach is not widely available within the United States. Other parts of the world recognize the power of the Person-Centered Approach. Unfortunately, often if feels as if we have lost touch with what it means to experience quality psychotherapy in the United States. Our mission is to help remind us and make available in the United States and here in New York City in particular, quality psychotherapy that acknowledges our need for healthy relationships that seek intimacy and growth.

Please contact us for help finding a psychotherapist or other resources that might help you experience the Person-Centered Approach.

Sarton Weinraub, Ph.D.
Founder, NYPCRC
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